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Leeco Trading is a premier international trader of high-quality metals and fine chemical materials to customers throughout the world. Based in Orlando, FL, Leeco Trading is an independent business division of Leeco Steel, which was founded as a scrap trading company in Chicago in 1882.

Leeco Trading combines its deep history in the international trading of metals with its strong supplier relationships within the fine chemicals industry to procure goods and commodities ethically, responsibly and at a competitive cost.

Leeco Steel and Leeco Trading are both affiliates of O’Neal Industries – the largest family-owned network of metals service centers and component manufacturers in the United States. This level of financial backing combined with the team’s deep experience in procurement and international trade makes Leeco Trading an ideal, trusted trading partner for customers around the globe.

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Headed by an experienced leadership team, Leeco Trading leverages its industry insight and strong supplier relationships to provide customers with competitive, high-quality trading solutions. Each member of Leeco’s leadership team has more than 20 years’ experience in procurement and trading and is deeply committed to building a business that focuses on customers’ success.

Denton Nordhues | President & CEO, Leeco Trading

Denton J. Nordhues

President & CEO of Leeco Steel

Jason Fredstrom | Executive VP, Leeco Trading

Jason Fredstrom

Executive Vice President

Antonio Rosset, Commercial Director

Antonio Rosset

Commercial Director