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International Metals & Chemicals Trading Company

Leeco Trading is an international commodities trading company with over 135 years of experience in moving physical goods and commodities from their source to where they are needed. Tracing its roots back to Leeco Steel, which was founded as a scrap trading company in Chicago in 1882, Leeco Trading has a deep history in the international trading of metals for customers large and small throughout the world.

We believe in the power of international trading and its ability to help companies grow while providing higher-quality products to consumers around the world. Leeco Trading specializes in sourcing and supplying metal and fine chemical products to customers throughout Latin America and South America, as well as to customers in Europe and Asia.

We source from premier suppliers around the world, taking care to vet all sources to ensure quality and responsible sourcing. Our experienced team works one-on-one with every customer to find the right sourcing solution for them.

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