Traded Products

Leeco Trading offers competitive pricing on metal and fine chemical commodities. We take pride in partnering with the best suppliers worldwide to ensure all products meet and exceed expected quality and are delivered on-time.

Metal Products

Leeco Trading supplies the following products in quantities of 500 metric tons or greater, anywhere in the world. All metal materials come from premier mills from around the world, including mills in the United States, Korea, China and Russia. Proof of certifications, material test results and other related paperwork are supplied with every order to guarantee your specifications.

  • Steel Plate Products
    Discrete and Strip Mill.

  • Coated Steel Products
    Surface-treated, Alcosta (hot dipped aluminized steel), Pre-Painted, Stainless, Tin, Galvanized, Galvalume and Pre-Painted Galvalume.

  • Steel Pipe Products
    Seamless, Welded and Stainless.

  • Long Steel Products
    Structural shapes, Bar (Including Rebar), Wire Rod and Rail.

  • Coil Steel Products
    Hot-Rolled, Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled and Cold-Rolled.

Steel Coil Trading | Leeco Trading

Fine Chemicals

Leeco Trading has established relationships with top chemicals producers across the world. Each producer is evaluated to ensure product quality and production dependability. Leeco Trading’s team can source a wide variety of fine chemicals in quantities of 3,000 MTs or greater, including:

  • Nitrogen Fertilizers
    Ammonium Nitrate (A/N), Ammonium Sulfate (A/S), Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution (UAN), Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN), Stabilized Ammonium Nitrate (SAN), Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate (ASN) and Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS).

  • Phosphorus Fertilizers
    Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP 1252;1152;1050;1045;1144), Single Superphosphate (SSP), Triple Superphosphate (TSP) and Double Superphosphate (DSP).

  • Potash / Potassium Fertilizers
    Granular Muriate of Potash (GMOP) and Standard Muriate of Potash (SMOP).

  • Complex Fertilizers / Multinutrient Fertilizers
    NPK 15-15-15 MOP/SOP, NPK 16-16-16 MOP, NPK 5-15-30 MOP, NPK 10-26-26 MOP, NPK 12-12-17 MOP/SOP, NPK 13-13-21 MOP/SOP, NPK 20-10-10 MOP/SOP, NPK 14-7-17 SOP, NP 20-20-0, NP 16-20-0, NP 23-21-0 and NP 12-40-0.

  • Specialties
    Granular Calcium Nitrate, T-MAP, T-DAP, SOP – Soluble and SOP – Granular, SOP – Standard.

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