The Leeco Steel Trading Team takes pride in visiting suppliers throughout the world and speaking at a variety of conferences and events. From presenting at an ABIMAQ conference to visiting a supplier in Asia, we had fun traveling across the globe and networking!


Leeco Steel team members Denton Nordhues, Ryan Murphy and John Streicher visited steel producer POSCO in South Korea and met with POSCO’s Kyeong-ook Cho. The Leeco team toured POSCO’s Pohang facility, learning more about the steel they produce and how POSCO runs their business. Leeco
Trading was impressed with POSCO’s state-of-the-art facility and enjoyed the opportunity to build relationships with POSCO executives.


Leeco Steel’s Antonio Rosset was a featured presenter at an ABIMAQ round-table networking event in São Paulo, Brazil this past April. ABIMAQ is an association that focuses on strengthening Brazil’s manufacturing sector and represents about 4,500 companies across Brazil.

At the networking event, Antonio gave a presentation discussing Leeco Steel’s Trading division, tips for importing steel and other metals and the advantages of importing steel. After his presentation, Antonio, joined by Leeco’s Jason Fredstrom, had the opportunity to network with over 100 Brazilian manufacturing professionals during round-table discussions.

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